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  1011 Power Electronics and Motor Drives
1021.1 General power electronics
1031.2 DC to DC converter topologies
1041.3 AC to DC converters and inverters
1051.4 SiC and GaN Wide-Bandgap converters
1061.5 Inductors, capacitors, transformers, and EMI filters
1071.6 Power electronics control
1081.7 Motor control
1091.8 Power electronics - partial discharge
1101.9 AC to AC converter topologies
  11112 Electric Machines and Actuators
11122.1 PM Machines
11132.2 Induction machines
11142.3 Switched and synchronous reluctance machines
11152.4 Other / novel machine types
11162.5 Electric machine - thermal management
11172.6 Electric machine manufacturing and materials
11182.7 Electric machine - characterization, design, modeling techniques
  19193 Powertrain: Design, Thermal Management, Packaging, and Optimization
19203.1 Power systems and drivetrain architectures
19213.2 Thermal management of powertrain
19223.3 Packaging of powertrain system
19233.4 EMI and Partial Discharge Considerations for Automotive Systems
  24244 Battery, Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Systems
24254.1 Battery modeling
24264.2 Battery state of charge
24274.3 Battery state of health and aging
24284.4 Battery thermal
24294.5 Fuel cell systems and vehicles
24304.6 Super/ultra capacitor system
24314.7 Alternative energy sources
  32325 Electric, Hybrid Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle System Architectures and Control
32335.1 EV tires, multi-speed gearboxes, etc
32345.2 Vehicle architecture
32355.3 Vehicle modeling
32365.4 Vehicle control
  37376 Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Mobility, and Vehicle Functional Safety
37386.1 Smart mobility
37396.2 Autonomous vehicles
37406.3 Vehicle functional safety
37416.4 Fault detection, fault management, fault tolerant control, failure analysis
  42427 Smart and Micro Grids, EV-Interacting Smart Grid and Electrical Infrastructure
42437.1 Smart/micro grids
42447.2 Power systems
42457.3 Management of Grid Impacts of Electrified Vehicles
42467.4 Vehicle-to-grid system
42477.5 Grid and charging system infrastructure
42487.6 Grid-tied inverters
  49498 Electrification of Heavy-Duty and Off-Road Vehicles
49508.1 Heavy-duty vehicle design and electrification
49518.2 Rail
49528.3 Heavy-duty electric vehicle fleet management and operation
49538.4 Other heavy-duty vehicles
  54549 Electrical Systems and Components for Sea, Undersea, Air, and Space Vehicles
54559.1 Hybrid/Electric Aircraft
54569.2 Superconductors / cryogenics for transportation
54579.3 Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (EVTOL) Aircraft
54589.4 Marine power systems
54599.5 Solid State Circuit Breakers
54609.6 EMI and Partial Discharge Considerations for Aerospace and Marine
  616110 Rapid Prototyping, Real-Time Simulation, HIL and SIL for Transportation Electrification
616210.1 Real-time modeling and control
616310.2 SIL, HIL and PHIL
616410.3 Rapid prototyping
  656511 Battery Chargers: Onboard, Wireless, Fast, and Ultra-Fast
656611.1 Wireless power transfer - static
656711.2 Wireless charging - dynamic
656811.3 Fast Charging Systems
656911.4 Onboard Charging system design
707012 Codes, Standards, Policies, and Regulations for Transportation Electrification
717113 Late