MS Word Templates:
The following templates are available for use with MS Office. With minor adjustment they should be usable also with Libreoffice/OpenOffice.
LaTeX Template for IEEE SENSORS:
  • Conference LaTeX template for IEEE SENSORS
  • Template file is provided as-is, unfortuantely we cannot offer any further support on usage. Please check the PDF sample of template file to adjust your LaTex text format accordingly.
Using Adobe Distiller to generate a PDF file
In principle, there should be no need to use Acrobat Distiller: recent versions of Microsoft Office can directly save/export your files as PDF; Libreoffice and Openoffice have always been capable of exporting as PDF; modern LaTeX engines can deliver PDF directly. However, if you still prefer to use Distiller:
  • Download the PDF settings file to help you setup Adobe Distiller to produce a PDF file that meets IEEE Xplore requirements.
  • This zip file contains instructions on job option file usage as well as files for job option settings for Adobe Acrobat versions 5-XI.

If you are having trouble creating your paper, make sure to check the Author Help page.