Poster 2 Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: C4P-D
Location: Poster 2
Date & Time: Wednesday June 19, 2024 (15:00 - 15:30)
Chair: TBA



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9061 13 Power Consumption Estimation of Digital Predistortion Based on Spiking Neural Networks
Siqi Wang, Pietro Maris Ferreira, Julien Sarrazin, Aziz Benlarbi-Delai
9075 7 ML/DL-Based Signal Integrity Optimization for InFO Routing
Bo-Kai Kang, Hao-Ju Chang, Hung-Ming Chen, Chien-Nan Liu
9077 2 A RISC-V-Based Accelerator for Medical Image Reconstruction from Implicit Neural Representation
Yao Yang, Chaolin Rao, Wenyan Su, Xiangyu Zhang, Xin Lou
9079 12 Locking Decision Tree with State Permutation Obfuscation: Software Implementation
Rupesh Raj Karn, Ozgur Sinanoglu
9081 13 Real-Time Spacecraft Pose Estimation Using Mixed-Precision Quantized Neural Network on COTS Reconfigurable MPSoC
Julien Posso, Guy Bois, Yvon Savaria
9090 13 NARX Neural Network Bandwidth Generalization Capability in Power Amplifier Modeling
Thuy Pham Trong, Dang-Kièn Germain Pham, Tayeb Habib Chawki Bouazza, Pierre Almairac, Patricia Desgreys
9120 3 Efficient Adaptive Feedback Cancellation Method for Digital Hearing Aids Employing Short Processing Delays
Muhammad Tahir Akhtar
9126 7 Graph-Assisted Fast Yet Accurate Post-Placement Toggle Rate Prediction Model from RTL Bypassing Logic Synthesis and Placement
Rakesh M B, Pabitra Das, Amit Acharyya
9155 2 D2ECG: Deep-Shift DNN-Based ECG Classifier for Resource Efficient Hardware Implementation
Aliasghar Makhlooghpour, Arash Ahmadi, Amirali Amirsoleimani
9164 14 Exploring Dielectric Resonator Antennas for Plantar Pressure Monitoring
Azadeh Ahmadihaji, Amin Pourvali Kakhki, Ricardo Izquierdo, Andy Shih